Stonehaven Miniatures Switch Elves For Frogs & Trolls!

October 22, 2013 by brennon

Stonehaven Miniatures have still got a fair few days left on their Kickstarter but they are powering through the goals as we speak. Some of their latest ones don't even involve Elves at all as they instead turn to Grippli (little frog men!) and mighty Trolls!

Grippli Hunting Party

Troll Rock Chucker

The Grippli are small amphibious creatures living in the tropical swamplands of their fantasy world. They don't have much technology but instead probably hide in the bushes waiting to ambush unsuspecting adventurers.

Trolls are well, trolls. This one is a pretty big fellow and the scale is pretty awesome when you think about it. Soon Stonehaven look like they are going to be challenging companies like Otherworld for their variety of role-playing monsters and heroes.

What do you think of these creatures?

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