Stonehaven’s Half Orc Hero Line Up Grows On Kickstarter

September 4, 2014 by brennon

Stonehaven Miniatures are still rocking their Half-Orc Adventurer Kickstarter and the cast of characters has grown beyond simply including the deadly Orc!

Half-Orc Kickstarter Heroes

Last time they'd only reached the Harrier but they've now added in the Archer, Barbarian and Mechanist alongside the Gladiator for the Half-Orc group. Added to that we have the Dragon Rogue, a feathered Mage and a rather awesome take on the 'Centaur' style with the Druid. To give it it's proper name is an Urmahlullu!

Some really cool characters and this does mean hopefully we'll get a 'Dragonborn' themed Kickstarter in the future. Need more of these Demi-Humans for the tabletop!

What do you think?

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