Add (Smelly) Life To Your Stronghold Dark Age Village

May 24, 2014 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain are continuing to do awesome terrain for your tabletop and especially those Dark Age ones with two releases. Both the Dunghill and Dark Age Pithouse are now available for you to use in your very lived in settlements...


Dark Age Pithouse

Both of these look awesome. I like the Dunghill because it's something that would have been present in every Dark Age village and gives a sense of lived in legitimacy to an otherwise 'fantastical' board. Of course it does also make for quite a funny centrepiece too. Maybe the local warlord has lost his prize circlet in there and it's up to the two warbands on the table to get there first and dig it out!

The Pithouse would have been a different way of building a dwelling. They would also have been known as grubhuts or grubhouses and would have been pretty warm actually. Later on I'm sure they got used as something altogether different and could well have made good storehouses and such. A perfect building to pillage.

What do you think?

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