Pick Up SAGA In German With Stronghold Terrain

February 28, 2014 by brennon

SAGA is one of those games that has created a groundswell of support over the past few years and Stronghold Terrain have helped bring it to a wider audience in Germany with a new version of the book that also comes with a Brother Vinni special promotional Viking Warlord.

Brother Vinni Promo Viking

This version of the book comes with all the errata, a selection of changes throughout the book, and a bunch of mercenary additions like Sven Forkbeard, Flemish Mercenaries and the Vengeful Monks! If you're one of the first one hundred to pre-order it then you can get the warlord you see above.

Saga - The Challenge

SAGA - The Raid

Saga - Battle at the Ford

If you're interested in getting into SAGA then the images above showing off the brilliant Dark Ages AND a whole bunch of Stronghold Terrain should get you in the mood. Raiding, skirmishes around ancient stone circles and all manner of narrative battles come to life with this game. And soon, all available in German!

Dive in and check it out!

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