Rebel Against Your Brother With Stronghold’s Halfdan

March 27, 2019 by brennon

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If you're looking for another ambitious Viking to throw into the mix then check out the new Famous Viking from Stronghold Terrain, Halfdan.

Halfdan #1 - Stronghold Terrain

This rather wild Viking just continues to build on their range of characters inspired by those from the TV show of the same name. You could use him as a Warlord for your force or perhaps just include him amongst a group of other characters as part of a Hearthguard.

Halfdan #2 - Stronghold Terrain

I like what they did with the miniature here, giving him lots of dynamism which also helps to make him stand out on the tabletop. I bet you could have a lot of fun with that shock of hair and I dare someone to try and do Halfdan's tattoos!

What do you make of the miniature?

"I dare someone to try and do Halfdan's tattoos!"

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