Stronghold Support Your Warriors With New SAGA Characters

June 9, 2016 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain are continuing to grow their range of miniatures for both the Dark Ages and Crusading eras of SAGA. Standing alongside your warlord we first have the Monk.


This chap could find himself in a battle during the Crusades or indeed fighting alongside an Anglo-Saxons or Breton army during the Dark Ages. Either way he's a great character to add to your force to boost their potential.


Next up we have the Muezzin for your Islamic forces who is shouting out his prayers to the assembled masses before they get stuck into the fighting.


This brings up one of the best things about doing an Islamic force from SAGA or indeed any game in that it allows you to go wild with the colours and be a lot more vibrant. For example here we have the very bright yellow and purple.

The Whistler

Last but not least we have a Bard for your army named The Whistler. I think this chap would become more annoying than helpful within a SAGA warband BUT you always need someone to tell your stories around the camp fire.

The whistler

Despite his strange attire I could see him being a fun addition to the game and of course it brings to mind the need for scenarios and narrative play. Maybe he was your Warlords favourite Bard and the enemy has captured him!

What do you think?

"Maybe he was your Warlords favourite Bard and the enemy has captured him!"

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