Stronghold Terrain Paint Up Their Lich & Skeletons

February 18, 2016 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain have showed off painted versions of their upcoming Lich and Skeletons that might be available towards the end of this month. First up we have the Lich commanding his legions forward...

Stronghold Lich

That's some good painting on this particular rider. I like what they've done on the sagging and dying flesh with the nice contrast between the horse and rider. He actually looks like he sits well in the saddle too which is something that always makes me a bit afraid when it comes to looking at Fantasy riders.


As well as that they had these Skeletons sent through as well. Here they are standing tall in rather nondescript stances which led Stronghold to think about them as dungeon decoration rather than actual skeletal warriors. Maybe you could have a few of these lying around your dungeon?

Dead In Dungeon

What do you think? Should Stronghold look at taking these miniatures and making warriors for the Lich or would you prefer to use them as set dressing.

Would you snap up the Lich?

"Maybe you could have a few of these lying around your dungeon?"

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