The Deadly Strain Is Alive & Well Thanks To Studio McVey

April 10, 2014 by brennon

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It's not just the humans and aliens that are getting some awesome new models for the world of Sedition Wars by Studio McVey. The Strain is in full effect and it's even been controlled by Dr. Hexen Phaedrus too...

The Strain #1

The Strain #2

The Strain #3

As you can see the infestation and evolution has taken over these poor souls and twisted them into new forms. You can see vague traces of their humanity left but now these 55mm tall monsters are going to be ripping apart your Vanguard team.


Phaedrus Evolved

On the other side of the coin we have Dr. Hexen Phaedrus who was able to control her evolution and bring on different forms as well as control others around her with her experiments. She looks very cool indeed and reminds me a lot of the way Kerrigan from StarCraft looked when transformed.

What do you think of these deadly strain?

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