Lock & Load with Studio McVey’s Vanguard Samaritans

May 29, 2012 by brennon

With Board Game, The Battle for Alabaster on the horizon lets check out some of the Vanguard troopers that Studio McVey have finely crafted for their Sci-Fi universe. Lets see what the Samaritans are all about...

Vanguard Samartian Male

Vanguard Male Concept Art

You have to agree that these are some superb looking troopers for Sedition Wars. Masses of awesome looking armour plating and some heavy duty hardware with those rifles. Here's what McVey has to say about them...

"A squad of Vanguard Samaritans can end up visiting dozens of systems on a single tour of duty. This means that each squad must be ready for a vast number of tactical situations. Simulation training prior to deployment often implants specific survival techniques for a variety of environmental conditions. A single Samaritan is trained to improvise whenever necessary, and to persevere no matter what the adversity.

Specially deployed in Prophet Armour, Samaritans are entrusted to excel in the most hostile of battlefield conditions. The armour system combined with the Katar kinesis carbine makes the Samaritan a lethal battlefield platform. Should they die in combat, each Samaritan is implanted with a cortical recall beacon that allows the mind of the slain soldier to be uploaded into a vat-grown replacement body. Downtime is temporary and battlefield stress is dealt with in virtual space prior to redeployment.

Samaritans are seen as one of the most elite fighting forces on the Edge."

Vanguard Samaritan Grenadier

And on the other side of the trooper coin is this Samaritan Grenadier, a female trooper this time wielding that rather mighty looking grenade launcher.

"Trained in the use of the Bouncer MPGL, the Samaritan Grenadier is ideally deployed in tough protracted battles against masses of hostile forces. A Samaritan with an MPGL acts as support during assaults, and as an area of denial specialist in defensive operations."

Amazing models for what could be an amazing game. Don't forget to check out their Kickstarter right here.

Will you be joining the Vanguard?

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