Morghana Summons A Mighty Demon From Studio McVey

December 7, 2012 by brennon

Studio McVey have another awesome miniatures ready for your painting table and potentially gaming too. Check out the masterful Morghana and her summoned Demon!



Some fantastic pieces once again. Morghana looks like she has been dwelling in a place of evil magic for a while and actually has a likeness to Eva Green's portrayal of her in Camelot. The Demon is brilliant, bursting out of the ground. It has a distinctly Dragon Age feel too it, so maybe you want to create a diorama depicting a blood mage summoning this deadly beast from the fade.

Morghana & Demon

When they come together it looks absolutely amazing and should be a joy to paint for whoever gets their hands on it. The studio paint job is fantastic and really serves to highlight the sculpting work that has gone into it.

Will you be grabbing one and summoning a demon of your own?

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