Studio McVey Tell a Story of Yin & Yang

June 21, 2012 by brennon

Studio McVey might be hard at work with the Kickstarter for Sedition Wars but that doesn't mean they aren't crafting more beautiful miniatures behind the scenes. Check out this awesome pair...


Akarui (Front)

Akarui (Rear)

"Akarui and Shisou are sworn enemies, engaged in a never ending fight of Light against Darkness."


Shisou (Front)

Shisou (Rear)

These are some great looking miniatures with a fantastic paint job that seriously stirs the shiny syndrome. You can buy them as separate models or together in a diorama set which you can see here...

Yin & Yang Diorama

Both are in resin and Akarui stands at 33mm and Shisou up there at 57mm (to top of weapon). Which side of the battle would you come down on?

Are you going to get a hold of these exquisite pieces?

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