Terror Causing Tentacles from Studio McVey

May 11, 2012 by brennon

It's a classic scene. The hero trapped in the writhing tentacles of an alien beast being dragged to their death with no hope of survival. So Studio McVey decided to sculpt it. Check out Zeeona in the midst of tentacle peril!

Zeeona (Front)

Zeeona (Detail)

Zeeona (Rear)

Plenty of Sci-Fi action in this model. A superb paint job as well! They certainly seem to have got the 80's/90's vibe right with the tentacled monster and the classic looking blaster pistol. You can only hope this situation ends with her shooting into the maw of the beast and it exploding in gooey goriness.

The model stands at 60mm (from base to tip of tentacle) and comes as a multi-part resin kit.

Will you be picking up this action scene?

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