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Start A New Gang In Studio Miniatures’ New Previews


Studio Miniatures have previewed more of the models that will be releasing soon. These all have a very gang land flavour to them, starting with this mean looking Biker Gang.

Studio Miniatures Become The Hunted With New Spec Ops Models


Studio Miniatures continue to impress with a new set of models that will be out quite soon.

Studio Miniatures Show Off New Stars Of The Silver Screen


Studio Miniatures have shared some of the previews of their upcoming releases with a twist towards characters from the silver screen.

Studio Miniatures Adds More Horror Characters


The latest batch of Horror Characters added to Studio Miniatures range

Classic Horror Characters Come To Life From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures has added a whole new selection of classic horror characters to their webstore, packing out their New Releases section.

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Night Live Plans Afoot & Flames of War 4th Edition Tournament Chat!


Studio Miniatures Preview New Stars Coming To Salute 2017


Studio Miniatures have been previewing more of what’s on the way for Salute 2017. They have a whole cast of characters for you to use in your skirmishing on the tabletop…

Studio Miniatures Preview Time Travelling Heroes For Salute 2017


If you’re a fan of the quirky range that Studio Miniatures produces then you’ll want to take a look at two of the characters they’re bringing to Salute 2017 with Jay & The Professor.

A Dashing Rogue & Fools Hit The Table From Studio Miniatures


Coming to both Fiasco and Crisis Studio Miniatures have previewed some of the new characters arriving to help tell out your tales on the tabletop.

New Character Masters Come Together For Studio’s Hollywood Havoc


Studio Miniatures have previewed some more of their master models which will soon be heading off to become proper characters for their Kickstarter campaign Hollywood Havoc.

Get Stuck Into Hollywood Havoc From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures have taken to Kickstarter once again for Hollywood Havoc which takes some classic silver screen icons and puts them into a zombie filled nightmare. This reminds me so much of the Zombies mode from Call Of Duty…

Iconic Hollywood Stars & Monsters From Studio Miniatures


Another round of previews have popped up from the folks at Studio Miniatures as they show off Judy who is going to be running around slaughtering monsters, zombies and more as part of Hollywood Havoc.

Studio Miniatures Add Norma Jean To The Zombie Killing


Studio Miniatures have added another preview to social media as they looking ahead to the zombie killing coming in Hollywood Havoc. Here we have Norma Jean who is in a rather iconic pose BUT with a chainsaw…

Hollywood Havoc Is Coming To Studio Miniatures


Building on their world of zombies and mash-ups from Fantasy and beyond Studio Miniatures are bringing some Hollywood Havoc to proceedings. The first of these models under the spotlight is Charlie here with a big ol’ machine gun…

Studio Miniatures Preview More Medieval Mayhem Characters


Studio Miniatures have previewed some more Medieval Mayhem characters ahead of another trip to a wargaming show at Battleground this weekend. See what you think of this pair who might be familiar…

Radio Dishdash Release Skirmish Outbreak: Medieval Mayhem


Radio Dishdash Publishing and Studio Miniatures have brought even more zombierific fun for Skirmish Outbreak with a new supplement.

Medieval Mayhem Models Available Soon From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures are going to be at the Targe 2015 Wargaming Show this coming weekend and will have a limited number of their Medieval Mayhem models with them include these two chaps that might be quite familiar…

Studio Miniatures Medieval Mayhem Goes Manic on Kickstarter


Recently, Studio Miniatures have been showing off a lot of cool, and rather familiar, medieval miniatures for Medieval Mayhem. They have since taken them to Kickstarter and are busy blasting through stretch goals.

Sir Bedivere Brings His Intellect to Studio Miniatures


Another of the noble knights of King Arthur’s round table has been previewed by Studio Miniatures for their Medieval Mayhem Kickstarter. This time the King of the Britains will call upon the wisdom of Sir Bedivere.

Arthur’s Trusty Retainer Follows Him into Medieval Madness


Studio Miniatures have published the second preview for their upcoming Medieval Madness Kickstarter; the faithful retainer of King Arthur himself.

Studio Miniatures Prepare for Medieval Mayhem in April


Studio Miniatures are once again preparing to bring their Z-Clipz range of minis for the zombie apocalypse to Kickstarter, but have found themselves trapped in the Medieval World Theme Park. Looks like it is time for some Medieval Mayhem.

What’s Going Down On the Z-Clipz Outbreak Kickstarter?


Recently, Studio Miniatures have been working hard to bring us a full scale zombie apocalypse with their Z-Clipz: Outbreak Kickstarter, which has already succeeded in producing a number of zombies, survivors and terrain pieces, ranging from hobos to hatchbacks.

Studio Miniatures Prepare for a Zombie Outbreak on Kickstarter


Studio Miniatures recently announced that they will soon be causing a zombie outbreak across Kickstarter, which will be ushering in the apocalypse later this month.