New Character Masters Come Together For Studio’s Hollywood Havoc

June 20, 2016 by brennon

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Studio Miniatures have previewed some more of their master models which will soon be heading off to become proper characters for their Kickstarter campaign Hollywood Havoc. See what you make of these new survivors...


We kick things off (quite fittingly) with Lee here who looks like quite the martial arts star. You might recognise a lot of their characters but it certainly brings to life some interesting 'what if' scenarios where you see these famous faces having to contend with zombies and more.

Next up we have Pam and Rudy.



Both of these characters show the difference in styles that we're seeing within the range too which is nice. Both of them have plenty of character but they've taken different approaches to dealing with the zombies. Pam brings a Shotgun while Rudy has decided that swords is the best way forward.

Last but not least we also have a zombified version of Lee here for when he turns on his friends.

Zombie Lee

I think this is another great looking character model here as he's ripping his own guts out of his body to smash at his enemies with. The ragged clothing, messed up hair and slack face would be a fantastic piece to paint up.

What do you think?

"Pam brings a Shotgun while Rudy has decided that swords is the best way forward..."

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