Sir Bedivere Brings His Intellect to Studio Miniatures

March 25, 2015 by dracs

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Another of the noble knights of King Arthur's round table has been previewed by Studio Miniatures for their Medieval Mayhem Kickstarter. This time the King of the Britains will call upon the wisdom of Sir Bedivere.

Sir Bedivere

Well known for his skill at plans involving giant wooden rabbits and for being able to logically prove someone's a witch by weighing them against a duck, Sir Bedivere will be a useful ally against the zombies.

The model itself will also feature the option of a face guard, to help protect that magnificent moustache, and has been sculpted in the pose of an expert horseman. I cannot wait until the Kickstarter hits and we get to see all the knights together.

Do these miniature previews tempt you to back Studio Miniatures' next Kickstarter?

"Well known for logically proving someone's a witch by weighing them against a duck"

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Supported by (Turn Off)