Start A New Gang In Studio Miniatures’ New Previews

March 27, 2018 by brennon

Studio Miniatures have previewed more of the models that will be releasing soon. These all have a very gang land flavour to them, starting with this mean looking Biker Gang.

Bikers #1 - Studio Miniatures

It's certainly not hard to guess where these particular characters have sprung up from. They work perfectly well as survivors for zombie apocalypse games that's for sure and come heavily armed for the task.

Bikers #2 - Studio Miniatures

It's neat that they don't just come with ranged weapons and they've thrown a few melee weapons into the mix too. The idea of chainsawing through some zombies is a welcome one!

Latino Street Gang

You will also be able to pick a Latino Street Gang as well if you prefer that look.

Latino Gang Members #1 - Studio Miniatures

I do quite like this selection too although I'm not sure why some of their weapons have to have blue featured on them. It makes the makeshift flamethrower below look like a paintball gun or something of that ilk.

Latino Gang Members #2 - Studio Miniatures

Otherwise, this set looks just as cool as the Bikers above. I think it would be neat to see a scenario where they are clashing with each other, only for a zombie outbreak to happen and they then get forced to work together.

Oh, and did you notice a certain assault rifle armed character above? Yep, he is also coming to the tabletop soon.

What do you think of these new sets?

"The idea of chainsawing through some zombies is a welcome one!"

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