Studio38 Twist A Divine Alkemy Templar

June 27, 2012 by brennon

It's been a little while since we heard from Studio38 but they have been working on two new miniatures for the Alkemy line. Check out both the Avalon Templar and a mysterious Djinn below...

Avalon Templar

As you can see this is no ordinary Templar. It appears this poor fellow has been corrupted by some disturbing power causing tentacles and tendrils to sprout from his face and body. A pretty evocative model...

Khaliman Djinn Mahritin

And next up is Khaliman Djinn Mahritin with another warped and twisted look to him. I love the flowing energy around his legs going up to the wasted body and outstretched arms. A seriously awesome Djinn model and would be great for Role-Playing in any Oriental situation.

So see if you can head over and translate the Studio38 page to pick these up!

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