Time For A Saturday Morning Cartoon Super Fantasy Rumble?

April 23, 2014 by brennon

The Escapist Magazine got me looking at another superhero based game out there on the market called Super Fantasy Rumble. See what you think of this small tactical based game based on those Saturday morning cartoons we used to watch...

Strategy Rumble Fighters

The game plays on the tropes of those heroes and villains we were used to seeing on the television and much like a card-come-miniatures game like Summoner Wars or Lords of War you'll be moving around the battlefield looking for good angles of attack and utilizing your super powers if you can roll well enough.

The game sounds quick and easy to play but with a nuance of tactical decision making from what The Escapist said about the game. I'll be interested to see some more about this game.

If you were at PAX this year did you manage to play the game?

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