Clockwork Creations Whir Into Life From Sword & Board Games

April 7, 2016 by brennon

Sword & Board Games are adding some more interesting creations to their miniature collection with the Geniocracy of Toth. Here we have a look at some of their range including the mighty Clockwork Construct...

Clockwork Constructs

Here we have the majestic Construct looking like the right fit for a Fantasy world with a hint of the Steampunk. I think the thing that sets it apart from the Steampunk is the lack of obvious gears poking out from between the armour plates. I really like the design of the helmet too.

Clockwork Constructs (Alt)

I always like the idea of constructs bought to life by a mixture of magic and science. It's even better when you get to BE one of these characters like in the case of the Warforged in D&D. As well as this hulking piece of metal we also have a smaller Construct.

Clockwork Constructs (Small)

I'm not such a fan of this one as I think it looks a little odd. The chimney on the back and the strange head don't quite do it for me. It might also be that it's a little too rigid; I preferred the curves and lines of the bigger construct.

Leading them into the fighting we also have the Tothian Clockworker who will be repairing the Constructs as they get damaged and making sure they do his bidding.

Tothian Clockworker

I quite like the design here again on the helmet and the chest armour although it would have been nice to see some of the armour reflect the design on the Construct to tie them together.

What do you think?

"I always like the idea of constructs bought to life by a mixture of magic and science..."

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