Syrinscape’s Casting Call For All You Would Be Voice Actors.

January 6, 2015 by deltagamegirl22


Syrinscape, the developer of apps that give your games a sense of realism through the use of ambient and event related sounds is putting the call out to gamers that would like to try their hand at being a voice actor or Foley artist (those guys that make the really cool sound effects in movies) for their upcoming Peasants Revolt SoundSet.


They are asking people to make all kinds of sounds such as breaking wooden doors, shattering glass, screams, yells and other sorts of mayhem. The recordings can be made with any type of recording device from a smart phone to a full blown sound production studio. You will be able to submit these sounds to them in several ways, check this link here for more information.

This casting call is in anticipation for their upcoming release of SoundSet Creator. According to the press release, this tool set application allows you to create your own set of ambient sounds and noises from adding atmosphere to your next game. I could see this being a really nice tool for those really creative DMs.

So what do you get for your effort? Well, if you are chosen not only will you be immortalized in sound, but you will receive a free  Peasants Revolt SoundSet and your name in the credits. Not too bad to add yourself to gaming history.

Will you answer the call and add your talents?

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