Adorn Your Undead Bases With Tabletop Art’s Coffins

August 27, 2014 by brennon

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Tabletop-Art are dragging some graves from the sodden ground and making sure those lords of undeath that are hanging around at the moment can raise enough bodies for their armies. See what you think of the rather cool Coffins they're working on right now!

Coffin Set

The set comes with some cool looking coffins made to fit with 28mm armies and therefore make sense on the battlefield. You could easily begin using these as unit filler or indeed part of a scenic base for a champion in a unit of the dead. Imagine a Skeleton or Grave Guard Champion striding out of his own coffin onto the battlefield.

Equally you could use these to adorn the base of a much larger figure. While they might not really fit with Nagash and his Tomb King ways they would work nicely on the bases of Vampire Counts. Maybe you could even have it on the base of the Ghoul King as ransacked coffins that were once filled with delicious meat bags.

What do you think?

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