Big Bases for Big Models with Tabletop-Art

August 16, 2012 by brennon

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If you have some mighty models that are crying out for a great base then how about these gigantic ones from Tabletop-Art?

Scrap Steel Big Oval Base

First up is the Scrap Steel Base. I reckon this would look good with a selection of Ork vehicles adorning it, although it would also work for something post apocalyptic.

Crystal Tech Big Oval Base

Crystal Tech Big Oval Base (Blank)

Then we have the Crystal Tech bases which has both a detailed and blank version. I imagine most of you are thinking of adding a Necron or two to this.

Ancestral Ruins 120mm

And last but not least is this Ancestral Ruins base in 120mm which I reckon is my favourite of the lot. I love the runic detail and the cracked floor which shows its age. Would be great for mounting something holy or elven.

Which one would you pick up?

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