Get Your Bike On With New Bases From Tabletop-Art

November 30, 2013 by brennon

Tabletop-Art are continuing to be stunning people with their release of some new bases for your bikers, be they jet or wheel based I would hazard! Check out the different styles on offer.

Ancestral Ruins

Ruins of Sanctuary

Scrap Steel


Trench Warfare

While it's hard to imagine a bike being able to fit into some of the places these bases are representing it is cool none the less. I like the amount of detail they have worked into them and they would provide a very neat alternative to the regular basing material you'd probably be using.

My favourite has to be the Shale Ground as I could imagine the bikes powering over that or the second prize goes to Trench Warfare. I think that would suit some Imperial Guard Rough Riders to a tee.

What do you think chaps and chapettes?

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