Build A Ruined Battlefield With Tabletop-Art’s Destroyed Tank & Toilet!

April 4, 2015 by brennon

Tabletop-Art have added to their 15mm range of terrain with a look at their Destroyed Tiger and a wonderfully pleasant looking Outhouse! I reckon that both of these could be legitimate objectives on the tabletop.

Armour Down!

First up we have the Destroyed Tiger that has crashed into the wall of a building and got bogged down before being smashed by an enemy tank no doubt...

Destroyed Tiger 15mm

I think if you were going to make up a scenario objective for this you could say that there could be a crew member stuck inside it who called for help on the radio before it got shot to bits. The Allies are moving in to take the town and a small unit of German soldiers has decided that they're going to go rescue the tank crewman before it's too late.

A Number Two!

On the more comical side of things we have something that everyone really needs, an Outhouse.

Outhouse 15mm

It might be a bit of a smelly addition to the game board but imagine a scenario where an Allied officer has got stuck in a French village and the only cover he could find was inside this Outhouse. German forces are out there looking for him and his dossier of information he managed to smuggle away from a motorcade when it was ambushed.

Do you send in your soldiers to go and grab the officer AND the information or will you have to let one of them be sacrificed?

What scenarios would you make up?

"...imagine a scenario where an Allied officer has got stuck in a French village!"

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