Customise Your Chaotic Tanks With Tabletop-Art

November 26, 2012 by brennon

We previewed these Tanks bitz a little while ago, and now Tabletop-Art have revealed their new kits for customising your vehicles. Check the different sets out below...

Bronze Demon - Conversion Set

First up is this Bronze Demon Set which is more typically Chaotic. It has a selection of skulls, the big pointy star and enough chains to make you think twice about assaulting it! The set gives you some paneling for the front, side and top of the vehicle.

Isis Conversion Set

Isis Banderole Set

The Isis Conversion Set is for those of you with a more Egyptian persuasion. You can buy a full kit which helps you change an entire tank, or just buy the Banderole Set which is used for placing on the top of the tanks track housing.

Will you be picking either of these kits up for your new Chaos army?

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