Light The Way With Tabletop Art’s Flickering Candles

February 15, 2018 by brennon

Tabletop Art has added some new pieces of scenery and terrain to their collection for those wanting to create an atmospheric setting on the tabletop.

Candlestick Set #1 - Tabletop Art

The first set of releases adds some small Candlesticks to your collection. Each of them is in various melting states which I think is rather neat. You could drop these into a Wizards Library or deep within the midst of a dungeon where the creatures have kept stolen candles flickering in the shadows.

You can also get some larger pieces with their Candelabrum.

Candelabrum Kit #1 - Tabletop Art

Each of these is somewhat larger and you also get some that can be attached to walls as well as surfaces like tables and bookcases. Once again, a perfect set of little releases for personalising and adding character to your tabletop adventures. Imagine these dotted around on some of that Dungeon Saga terrain?

What do you think?

"Imagine these dotted around on some of that Dungeon Saga terrain?"

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