Stronghold & Tabletop-Art Collaborate On Undead Norsemen!

February 13, 2020 by brennon

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Stronghold Terrain and Tabletop-Art have joined forces to work on a new set of miniatures for those who want to add a bit of the Fantastical into the mix when it comes to the Dark Age. What do you make of these new Undead Norsemen?

Undead Norsemen #1 - Stronghold Terrain

More on this range is going to be revealed at Hamburger Tactica which is coming this weekend but as it stands this is a pretty fancy looking new force for you to consider when diving into a bit of Dark Age adventuring on the tabletop. If you're playing something like SAGA: Age Of Magic or just regular SAGA these could be a neat force of Draugr for you to face off against.

Summoned from their barrows by some strange sorcery or perhaps simply awakened by the broken oaths of some living lord or lady, they look like they would be a fun force to tinker with, especially when it comes to the painting side of things.

Undead Norsemen #2 - Stronghold Terrain

I like the idea of painting them traditionally and then getting stuck in with the weathering effects and glow paints. The balefire in their eyes is a nice touch for these particular models but I would even consider switching over to green to make it look a bit more fantastical. I think the blue does do a good job of building on that idea of them being from the North though, frozen inside the barrows on windy hilltops.

You will have also noticed a pair of big Undead Wolves which have been bulked out to look more like children of Fenrir. I'm not entirely sold on them when compared to the regular Norsemen. I think the idea is fun but the poses look a bit awkward to me.

Undead Norsemen #3 - Stronghold Terrain

It seems like Stronghold Terrain are going to be pitting the Kings Of Metal against them on the tabletop which would be rather fun to see! Hopefully, it won't be long until these make it onto their webstore as they would be fun to see included alongside and against other Dark Age armies.

I quite like the idea of doing a little campaign between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings where the Norse force is made up of the dead who have taken to their rotten longships and are threatening the shores of Blighty. So, your Saxon Lord has had to summon his mightiest heroes to tackle this threat from beyond the grave, perhaps with the aid of a few monks and priests who are hoping the power of the Christ God will be able to send them back beneath the waves!

What do you think of these new Norsemen?

"...where the Norse force is made up of the dead who have taken to their rotten longships and are threatening the shores of Blighty"

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