Superb Scenic Tiles For Schicksalspfade By Tabletop-Art!

September 11, 2014 by brennon

Yes I haven't gone mad. Schicksalspfade is certainly the game of a game by Ulisses Spiele and Tabletop-Art have worked their butts off on another awesome set of Scenic Tiles for use with the game.

Ruins #1

Ruins #2

The main focus of the release are these Ruins that you can use as terrain on the tabletop one would guess. It certainly doesn't seem like they're bases and the blurb seems to point to them being used as markers in the game. There's nothing to say you couldn't work these into bases for larger miniatures or even round them off for a single large base miniature.


Away from the ruins they also have these Stairs for the game that look simple and effective. A nice piece of terrain as well as useful for a base once again so keep that in mind. If you do play Schicksalspfade are these something you'll be picking up?

Let us know about the game!

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