Tabletop-Art Go Campin’, Fightin’ And Sailin’!

November 16, 2013 by brennon

It might sound like an odd combination but Tabletop-Art have bought out some new bases for your adventuring Camp Sites, Bloody Sports arenas and Pirate Ships! See what you think...

Campfire Set

Bloody Sports

Pirate Ship

All of these look pretty ace although I am drawn to the Pirate Ship base for it's sheer size and awesomeness. I reckon you could easily have a great diorama on that or just plonk a massive sea beast on it and pronounce it sunk!

Tabletop-Art really are damn good at what they do and it's great to see them covering so many bases (see what I did there?) with their bits and pieces.

I do now kind of want to make a Blood Bowl team with those bases and add an extra dose of blood where my Dwarf team has kicked some Orcs in the butt.

What do you think?

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