Tabletop-Art Dig Up More Undead With Big Monster Base!

August 30, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop-Art are really on a roll when it comes to the various undead bits and pieces they're showing off right now and the latest piece is a 150x100mm Undead Graveyard Base which looks awesome and as if something has cleared out the centre of it in anger...

Undead Base 150x100mm

I like the desecrated look they've gone for with everything destroyed and/or being broken into in this graveyard. It looks like a Necromancer has been busy and also gives the place a bit more action. If there have been lots of bodies coming up from the ground and things then being attracted to the area you're going to get some disturbance like this. A nice 'lived in' feel that evokes a cool narrative.

What monster would you mount on this or would you prefer to use it for a diorama?

Let us know!

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