Tabletop-Art Help Furnish Your Creepy Graveyard

June 9, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop-Art have got two awesome little terrain sets for adorning your graveyards. See what you think of these Grave Stones that will form the beginning of something horrifying!

Grave Stones #1

Grave Stones #2

The two sets have a few different looks to them which is nice. Set One focuses more on the 'fantasy' grave I reckon with something perfect for Undead armies and of course a ramshackle graveyard for a Witch Hunter to fight in.

Set Two provides you with more traditional looking Grave Stones which would be good for adding to a larger rural table I'd say. You could easily put these down inside a village churches graveyard on a hamlet board in the middle of Normandy during World War II or add to that Medieval town where a scuffle has broken out.

As well as providing little blocks of cover in gameplay you can of course make great use of Grave Stones in armies for adorning bases and the like. Some great sets!

What would you use them for?

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