Tabletop-Art Offer up a Mound of Skulls

August 2, 2012 by brennon

Most battlefields aren't complete without a mound of bodies to show the kill count of mighty champions. Tabletop-Art are going to be offering the chance for you to adorn many things with orb-less visages with a range of Skulls!

54mm 90mm Skulls

There are plans for both a 90mm and 54mm skull, allowing you to show some of the larger foes from ancient or futuristic battlefields. I actually love the idea of having a spare scenic base where every time your hero kills a model, or indeed another hero you would add a new skull to the mound.

Would certainly be a way to psych out your opponent when you bought that along to sit beside the gaming table.

Will you be grabbing some of these Yoriks?

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