Tabletop-Art Pave The Way With New Flagstone Starter Set

January 31, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking to get an entire army, or at least the start of it, based then how about this new Flagstone Starter Set from Tabletop-Art? Check out the entire collection below...

Flagstone Base Starter Set

Simple but effective bases and with enough bits and pieces for you to base a few squads in whatever wargame takes your fancy. I think it could be quite cool to do an Imperial Guard army on these, made as a city based force acting as the last line of defense against the enemy.

If you were playing anything based in the world of Victorian Steampunk then these would also be a perfect fit. You could easily recreate the streets of London using these bases. What's also a big boon is that there is plenty of space to pose your models. No fiddly bits to deal with!

What do you think of these bases?

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