Tabletop-Art Revive Their 15mm World War II Terrain Range!

October 25, 2014 by brennon

Sticking with the theme of World War II we have some more from Tabletop-Art who have decided to revive their 15mm range which looks stunning. If you missed out on it before it will be released soon!

Normandy Church

Italian House

Medic Emplacement

First up we have a selection of rather cool buildings and outposts that would be neat to use as central objectives for a game perhaps. Maybe important documents are included in one of these bombed out structures like the Church or in one of those busted up Medical Emplacements. I do love them the best, a real character piece for a big urban environment.


Derailed Train

Wall Set

For a more rural setting you could use something like the Haystacks to give your men some cover in fields while the Wall Set looks like it would be neat for a larger farm complex on the tabletop. The Derailed Train would also work nicely as an objective of some kind, especially considering it's laden with armour!

Would you get these for Flames of War?

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