Tabletop-Art Risk a Little More Light in the Darkness

September 7, 2012 by brennon

Tabletop-Art know that when delving deep into the dankest dungeons you will be hoping for a little bit of light to guide the way. Well here is there 28mm Candle Holder Sets which are looking superb for all you budding Dungeon Masters.

Candle Holder Set I

Candle Holder Set II

Some great little bits and pieces to add character to an otherwise drab interior scene. I like that the candles are in various states of melting and with a few of them you could even put them in the hands of your heroes.

They would also work for adding to a haunted house where something dark and mysterious is still dwelling within the ruins of the abandoned structure.

Also an big internet cookie for the people who get the quote in the title!

What do you think to these new accessories folks?

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