New Temple and Woodland Bases From Tabletop-Art

December 27, 2017 by thisisazrael

Tabletop-Art have released two new sets of 30mm and 40mm artistic bases in December.

First up are the Temple of Isis bases.

Tabletop-Art Temple of Isis 40mm Bases

The colour scheme shown really makes these pop although I'd also really like to see these in a real earth and stone texture or perhaps even as some dark technological Necron bases.

Tabletop-Art Temple of Isis 30mm Bases

Next up we have some new Woodland bases which are similar to styles we've seen previously.

Tabletop-Art Woodland Bases 40mm

These new bases offer slightly more scattering and obviously a different rim style to those previously released.

Tabletop-Art Woodland Bases 30mm

Tabletop-Art resin products are made from high-quality 2-component polyurethane Fast Cast.

All the bases are provided unpainted so you can style these up and you see fit.

What models would you like to see on these bases?

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