Travel On Fields Of Bones & Icy Terrain With Tabletop-Art

July 18, 2013 by brennon

Tabletop-Art are back with another set of releases for adding some character to your collection. The Bone Terrain Set and Icicle Set are below giving you something to boost your bases with...

Bone Terrain Set #1

Icicle Set

Both of these are useful for 28mm gaming and if you're looking to create a proper Necromancer's haunt then I think the Bone Set works well. You could build up a nice diorama with plenty of blood too.

I've always liked the idea of basing an army in the snow and the Icicle Set is certainly a way of creating that look easily. I'd love to do it with Throgg's army from the Warriors of Chaos, recreating his icy labyrinth where he keeps his horde. Maybe you could add it to your army of Marauders too from the frozen North.

What do you think of the sets?

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