A Trio Of Reapers Comes To Claim TableTop-Art

October 6, 2017 by dracs

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TableTop-Art has proven they don't fear the reaper with three new undead miniatures.


These three are very much in keeping with the traditional depictions of the grim reaper, the scythe-carrying, cloaked skeleton 'gainst whom no lock will hold, nor fasten'd portal bar.

Reaper 1

Reaper 2

Reaper 3

Reaper one, two, and three each have a sinister stance that really shows how terrifying such creatures could be. My personal favourite is the one holding the hourglass, for just an added reminder of mortality.

Dare you stand against such a trio of sinister skeletal psychopomps?

"Grim Reaper... 'gainst whom no lock will hold, nor fasten'd portal bar..."

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