A Closer Look At Tabletop Nation’s Tabletop Day

March 30, 2013 by brennon

As you know Tabletop Day is today and we're running an event here at Tabletop Nation including board games, card games, wargames and even some role-playing. Here is a closer look at the games...

Aeronautica Imperialis & Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars



First up we have a slice of the wargames we're playing including Aeronatuica Imperialis (certainly a golden oldie!), Dystopian Wars, Infinity and Malifaux.



SAGA (Close Up)

As well as that we have some great demo games running of Warmachine and a personal favourite of mine, SAGA. I had to stop by this board at least three times to see how things were going. If you want to come down and help the Anglo-Danish win a few games that would be appreciated!



We also have players getting into MERCS with a familiar face you might recognise from the themed week and you can also fight alongside the canals of Venice in Carnevale.



If you prefer a bit of sports in your game then you can also check out a game Sam and I have been running called Tutatis. Imagine Gaelic Football and Rugby mixed together into a quick and easy package!

We also have DreadBall being played so if you fancy your sports games a bit more futuristic you can easily come and learn this awesome game.

Board Gaming #1

Board Gaming #2

We also have a whole bunch of long and short board games you can play which will tide you over nicely while your having a hot dog. Justin has even got his Spartacus game out and has been welcoming people to the arena of Capua!


You'll be seeing a lot more coming out throughout the day so let us know if anything catches your eye. If you are down here and are enjoying the gaming post below.

There is still plenty of Tabletop Day left so wherever you are, happy gaming!

What games are you playing today?

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