Gatecrash at Tabletop Nation

January 30, 2013 by stuart

magic gatecrashAs you will have seen from Sam's great article about the Gatecrash pre-release, we have a brilliant expansion for Magic: The Gathering out now.

Here at Tabletop Nation we were rudely awoken from our Smaug-like slumbers by a dirty great transport filled to the gunnels with booster boxes!  Our warehouse gang (acquired at great risk from the underhives of Necromunda) quickly set about unloading this wall of red boxes. In the time that it took for us to arrange a tasteful display like this:

magic display

However such dreams of a simple artistic display were quashed as the table behind us had already begun to fill up like this!

Next wave

So with our stock now having arrived ready for the release on Friday, what better time to let people know about what we have to offer for Magic fans at Tabletop Nation. We have our regular Friday Night Magic sessions, of course, but now we will be running our Gatecrash Launch League starting this Saturday. We are also running the Gatecrash Game Day on 23rd February with some great prizes up for grabs so now is the time to get familiar with what Gatecrash has to offer and start building those decks.

nightveil specter

Finally we have a strictly limited number of the exclusive promotional card "Nightveil Specter" for anyone who pops into Tabletop Nation and purchases a booster box. Grab them while you get the chance as this card with alternate artwork is sure to be a highly desirable collectors item.

For those of you not able to get to us at Tabletop Nation, Wayland Games are doing a fantastic deal on booster boxes so why not head over to their online store and check it out!

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