Infinity: Campaign Paradiso Tabletop Nation Event – Part 2

October 27, 2012 by brennon

With everything set up, army lists had been hastily assembled and the various factions were ready to go to war. With a mission entitled 'Data Recovery' a lot of Engineers and Hackers were drafted in to try and upload the alien data while also stopping their opponents...

Army List Making

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Everyone was trying their best to scope out the best route to the various Alien Techno-Devices while avoiding getting fired upon by the enemy. Of course you can't have a game of Infinity without some beautiful looking models, and there were some really nice paint jobs out there as you'll see below...

Superb Painting!

Amazing Basework!

Getting Into Some Much Needed Cover

The real focus of this scenario was to get a hold of the data. You could wipe your enemy from the table but it wasn't going to give you much in the way of victory points. Some games were tight struggles for the data, with multiple hack and encoding attempts going on at the same time. In other cases the games were over fairly quickly with one side or another having to retreat under heavy losses.

Hacking the Terminal

This in particular was one of my favourite games to watch. The Engineer had tried transmitting the data twice, only to be stopped. In return that rather large hulking monstrosity was blown up, and his opponent managed to upload the data shortly afterwards. It was certainly a cinematic experience.

More to come folks!

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