Event Pack for Infinity: Try it at Your Club!

February 2, 2013 by stuart

Many of you will have seen Infinity. Not the abstract mathematics concept, but Corvus Belli's brilliant futuristic skirmish game. You may have seen it at your Local Gaming Store or on-line in the fantastic Infinity themed weeks that we've had here on Beasts of War. Whatever your path to the universe of Infinity, if you've ever fancied getting a bit more involved, now's your chance!

Infinity Winter Tournament 01

It is 175 years in our future. Many worlds beyond the Earth have been colonised by Humanity and this fractured empire is known as the Human Sphere. Divided between the four dominant human nations, they are riven by clandestine skirmishes behind a delicate balance of power. Now external alien threats have shaken the Human Sphere to its core and nothing will ever be the same again…

Infinity provides dynamic and realistic rules that, thanks to the Automatic Reaction Order system, allow you to participate in the battle all throughout the game sequence, even during an adversary’s turn. In an Infinity game, you never stop playing - It's always your turn!

We ran a one day tournament for Infinity here at Tabletop Nation and the great part is that wherever you are in the world, you can now take part too! If you click the tournament pack cover you'll get access to three brand new missions for Infinity and a suggested timetable for you to run it as a one day event.  We ran it as a 300 point tournament using the Infinity Tournament System, but you can make use of the material here for whatever style of play you want.

Infinity Winter Tournament 02

As for our event, we had three fierce rounds and it was the forces of the Yu Jing who were triumphant with Jonjo McQuaid showing his skills to the rest of the Human Sphere. His name is now being inscribed on our Winter Tournament trophy and he assures us he will not only be back to defend his title at the next Winter Tournament but has his sights set on the Summer one too!

There are some great quick-start rules here. If you want to know more about Infinity, wander over to the Infinity Hub now!

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