Build A Tabletop Town With Their Hab Cube Kickstarter!

September 15, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop Towns are on Kickstarter with a cool project to bring you a series of Hab Cube Terrain pieces for use with your Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and Near Future wargaming and role-playing. See what you think of the kits...

Hab Cubes

Hab Cubes Set

The terrain is meant to be fold away and easy to store for all your 28mm and 30mm gaming. It looks and reminds me of the cool card terrain you used to get with Games Workshop Specialist Games! According to one of our community members blackspiral these kits are really cool and the entire thing is done by one man who also has three successful Kickstarters behind him too!

Cargo Containers Add-On

Resin Add-On

As well as the Hab Cubes you can get your hands on some add-ons to the basic pledge including some Shipping Containers and also a set of resin terrain that gives you crates, barrels and a defensive platform/wall.

I could see this being rather cool for something like Necromunda or Deadzone actually. You could even use those Shipping Containers with Infinity and they wouldn't look out of place.

Is this something you'd check out?

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