Tabletop Episode 10: Say Anything

August 13, 2012 by brennon

Wil Wheaton is back with the relaxed yet witty party game Say Anything for Tabletop by Geek & Sundry. Check out the video above and think about what your answers would have been...

Tabletop - Say Anything

Say Anything is a game where questions are asked by a single judge and everyone else has to come up with the best reply. Pandering to the judge is almost a must, as this episode shows quite clearly!

Say Anything Box Art

Does this sounds like the game for you? It might not be as hardcore as the likes of Descent but if you're looking to get people interested in gaming and the good times it can evoke then this might be the perfect gateway game.

North Star Games - Say Anything

Let us know the answers you would have given below in the comments!

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