TableTop Episode 13: Wits and Wagers Family

September 25, 2012 by dracs

This week on TableTop Wil Wheaton is joined by Veronica Belmont, Phil LaMarr and Jimmy Wong to bring you a true game of wits and wagers that's fun for all the family. Namely, Wits and Wagers Family Edition.

TableTop - Wits and Wagers

This game is as simple as you can get. A numerical based question is asked and each player will write down what they think is the correct answer without going over. Players then place their markers on the answer they think is right, with points being allocated depending on whether or not they got the nearest answer and what markers they placed on it.

TableTop - Wits and Wagers Scoring

So guys, get ready to watch Wil and co. as they get playing Wits and Wagers Family Edition.

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