TableTop Episode 16: Star Fluxx

November 5, 2012 by dracs

Wil Wheaton is returning to the final frontier, as he and Alex Albrecht, Chloe Dykstra and Jordan Mechner join him on TableTop in a version of one of my own gaming groups favourite card games. Star Fluxx!

TableTop - Star Fluxx

Now usually when I write these I try and give you some idea about how the game is played before you go and watch the vid, but this time I think Wil does a pretty good job explaining on his own.

Star Fluxx

Just know that in Star Fluxx the rules constantly change and it is not quite as complex as it sounds when someone tries to explain it to you.

So hold on to your red shirts and tell Wesley to shut up (just kidding Mr. Wheaton), its time to play Fluxx.

Have you played Fluxx? What version do you prefer?

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