Tabletop Episode III: Zombie Dice, Get Bit! & Tsuro

May 7, 2012 by brennon

Tabletop is back and Wil Wheaton has bought not one game, but three to the club this week. Once again the series will give you a bit of interesting information about the games in question then show you exactly how it plays...

Tabletop Triple Game Edition

First up is the masterfully simple Tsuro. Tsuro allows you to control a beautiful and powerful Asian dragon in a tile placement game laying the path to victory while avoiding other dragons and the edge of the board. Simple but effective fun for light gaming.


Second is the brain-tastic Zombie Dice. This dice roller from Steve Jackson games puts you in the decaying boots of a zombie trying to feast on the brains of the living while avoiding shotgun shells to the face!

Zombie Dice
Last is the shark infested Get Bit! In this game of bluffing and mind games you must keep your unfortunate robot safe from the jaws of a deep sea terror with a very particular taste for metal.

Get Bit!

Some fantastically fun games which could be great fillers for your sessions with friends. Mix these in with some longer games and you have a fantastic evening of gaming ahead of you.

What games do you use as filler during a session?

Have any of these games graced your gaming table, or will they now?

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