Wil Wheaton Needs You for TableTop Season 3’s IndieGoGo

April 7, 2014 by dracs

One of our favourite shows on Geek and Sundry is Wil Wheaton's TableTop, so it's really exciting to see that a third season is in the works, and Wil needs your IndieGoGo support to make it happen.

Tabletop Season 3

The guys behind TableTop are looking for the funds needed to bring about 15 whole new episodes of the awesome gaming show. If they surpass their funding goal then this will go up to 20 episodes and if they reach the lofty heights of $1 million we could be seeing the much longed for TableTop RPG spin off come to fruition.

To entice us, TableTop is offering all manner of pledge goodies, ranging from virtual high fives to signed board games and DVDs, as well as the chance to visit the set.

TableTop DVD

Behind the Scenes Diary


As I said, all of us at Beasts of War have really enjoyed the show TableTop and it has helped to showcase a lot of great games that might otherwise have passed under the radar for a lot of gamers. The promise of a third season is an enticing one, so it will be good to see this IndieGoGo take off.

Are you going to help Wil make season 3 happen?

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