Fight In Upcoming Castle Set From Tabletop Workshop

April 2, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop Workshop have shown off a part of their massive upcoming Castle set that is going to be done in 28mm scale. See what you think of the round Watchtower part below...

Castle Tower Preview

Tower Components

Tower With Roof Removed

As you can see the different floors of the Watchtower can be taken apart if you glue them separately. This means you could have skirmish fighting at different levels as you scuffle to take control of the tower and raise your armies flag.

The folks behind this also pointed out that even the stairs have been added to the inside allowing you to have a proper fight up those spiral steps. I think this is a fantastic piece of kit and when the whole Castle Set comes together we'll have quite the brilliant piece of terrain.

Does this look like a winner to you?

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