The Full Castle Kit Now Available From Tabletop Workshop

November 26, 2014 by brennon

Tabletop Workshop are hoping to make the statement "An Englishman's home is his Castle" a reality with the coming of their full on Castles Terrain Kit that allows you to build quite the bastion of defence in any historical or fantasy game of your choice...

Castle #1

Castle #2

Castle #3

Castle #4

As you can see the various wall sections, gatehouses, towers and interior buildings are all looking very detailed indeed and each has an interior as well if you're willing to paint up that too! You could have quite the skirmish game throughout its walls never mind a big siege outside and in.

Shown in the last image, you can of course make smaller castles than the one in the first picture and I think that would be great on a smaller board. The modular nature of it means that you could mix it throughout some other terrain of your choosing. I think it would be cool to put the smaller castle nestled within a pair of hills to give it some natural defence as well.

Do you think you'd pick up this Castle?

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